What if: Breaking free from Assumptions

Assumptions and biases seem to be hardwired within us. Assumptions and biases are based on our experiences and our understanding of the world around us. Thus, they can influence the way we perceive people, business, or technology. Or even worse. They can interfere with our company’s opportunities to thriving and reach new horizons of success.

Fear and Stagnation Suffocates Opportunities & Innovations

Back in 2018 while attending a mandatory class in Digital Business Management at Aalto University an eye-opening business analysis was conducted in regards to ” The rise and fall of Nokia Mobile Phones”. Still, not until starting getting more insights into neuroscience and cognitive psychology a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the rise and fall was envisioned.

Our brain is hardwired to literally save us from ending up as something in the food chain. Thus, a feeling of intimidation and concerns could be seen as pretty normal behavior when somebody dear to question our “day-to-day-normal”. Still, what if we evaluate the phenomenon “questioning status quo” from the evolution theory perspective? Now, We like to emphasize that we should thank all those souls who saw beyond and were brave to questioning that current status quo. Thanks to these people, we are today able to enjoy many things that were found “intimidating” rather than “normal” at the time of innovation.

In technology, we often call this phenomenon “innovation”. Thus, “whatif” putting the phenomenon “questioning ” in the business and strategy context? We believe the result would be deeper insight helping us to find “pain points” and finding ways to “growth”. Case Nokia has proven that people with the capabilities to see beyond, connecting the invisible dots, and re-innovating the status quo make a difference for business future success.

Now, reflecting the case of Nokia or the case of Konica Minolta, which is yet another classic example within Business Design/Development, we have seen too many companies being blinded by their current processes and well-established status quo where new opportunities are live as long as the text written in quicksand last.

Take care, stay well and how about opening our senses and embrace diversity,


Helsinki, 28 May 2021

DigiEduHack Experience


At the beginning of October, the DigiEduHack was arranged in many different European Universities. The main event was at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

I participated in the hack at UNITN, with four other students from EIT Digital Master School. Our team also had a lady working at the FabLab in Verona.

During 1,5days the goal was to innovate something suitable for the challenge “Design with us educational activities aimed at raising public awareness on climate change


During the first day, we worked from 10.00-22.30. Next day at 9.30 it was time to pitch a proposition of our idea; “Classroom without boundaries, which was an Educational Virtual Reality Classroom Service reducing the environmental impact. Pablo did a great pitch, and the feedback from the jury was good.

In Trento, all teams except our provided solutions focusing on making Social Impact. Our teams’ idea was more on focusing on providing a service to lower the entrance barrier to both students and professors. The company would provide the technology, guidance and support. Overall, all teams had cool ideas.

The overall takeaway is it was a great experience. In my opinion, our team members diversity helped us create a business solution fit for a start-up. Would I be keen to do another hackathon? Yes, any time.

The University of Trento – the first expression


After spending an amazing year at Aalto University, Finland the first impression of an Italian University has been full of mixed feelings.

Things like having private spaces available for students working on a project is something that doesn’t exist. This is a challenge. Now, students normally go to one of the big rooms available to us and whisper. 

The relationship between students and professors feels, in general, a bit stiff. The hierarchy between the two is notable. As a person born in Sweden, Scandinavia it for sure is something I am not used to. Luckily, the nature of the courses I am taking is favouring a more Scandinavian approach to teaching, which has made the adaption to the system easier.

Overall, life at UNITN is good.

Take care, enjoy the challenges and have some fun!

Trento, 20 October 2019


Moving to Trento


In September 2019 the Academic year at UNITN started.

Now reflecting back, it has been a great experience. Trento is beautiful, and if you like to visit you have different options of destinations you could flight to.

I have experienced both airports in Verona and Milan. I prefer the airport in Verona, because I enjoy travelling by train. Within Trentino-Adige transportation is straight forward. Either  by car, by train or by bus.

Overall,  it has been a cool exerience.